Storm Water Management

It is costing billions of dollars annually to address environmental concerns about the threat of storm water to our clean water supply. Norlite ceramic lightweight aggregate is providing new consistent and cost effective options to meet these concerns. Norlite provides design flexibility for storm water management programs in meeting this environmental crisis. Norlite meets or exceeds existing and proposed government regulations without the use of chemicals, high maintenance, specialized equipment or major facility upgrades.

Advantages of Using Norlite as a Filter Medium

Norlite Physical Properties

  • Constant, dependable (100% manufactured)
  • Physically and chemically inert
  • Increased surface area
  • Hydraulic conductivity allows fast, free drainage
  • Ceramic properties reduce material degradation
  • High angle of internal friction
  • Light weight lowers freight and handling costs


Norlite Performance Properties

  • Predictable performance
  • Removes or reduces phosphorus, arsenic, metals, grease, oils and more
  • Combines nutrient removal and effluent filtration for cleaner discharge
  • Employs ion exchange to enhance treatment process
  • Increases levels of nutrient removal
  • Removes TSS and solid material to prevent clogging
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Longer service life
  • Economical, readily available and easy to use