Geotechnical Fill Guide Specifications

Suggested Norlite Specifications

The following is a standard specification which has been used or incorporated in a number of job specifications.


Lightweight aggregate fill shall be Norlite or approved rotary kiln substitute meeting the requirements of ASTM C-330. No by-product slags, cinders or by-products of coal combustion shall be permitted. Lightweight aggregate shall have a proven record of durability, as determined by ASTM C-88 and ASTM C-131, and be non-corrosive, as determined by CAL DOT 422 with the following physical properties:

A. Delivered Gradation:

B. The dry loose density shall be less than 50 pcf (801 kg/mπ).

C. The maximum in situ density (moist, surface dry) shall be less than 60 pcf (961 kg/mΠ). The minimum compacted dry density shall be equal to 65% relative density as determined by ASTM D- 4253 and D-4254, or as otherwise specified by the engineer.

D. The maximum soundness loss when tested with 5 cycles of magnesium sulfate shall be 10% (ASTM C-88).

E. The maximum chloride content (CAL DOT 422) shall be 100 ppm.

F. The minimum strength of loosely placed material, as determined from drained triaxial tests, shall equal that of cohesionless soil with an angle of internal friction of 36°. Minimum strength of material compacted to 65% relative density shall equal that of a cohesionless soil with an angle of internal friction of 40°.