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Other Uses

Stormwater Treatment Application Types

Vegetated Filter Strips are areas of vegetation over which dispersed runoff sheet flows at a very shallow depth. Filter strips are very well suited to treat runoff from impervious areas such as parking lots and may be designed into the overall landscape as parking area islands or edge borders. Norlite in filter strips promote faster water percolation through the filtering system and reduces the amount of time standing water remains exposed. This can be an important element in mosquito control. Norlite also facilitates cationic exchange and microbial action which break down organic substances and reduce pollutants.

filter strips

Rain Gardens, unlike a swale or filter strip, are designed to retain water and allow infiltration. Water is cleansed by vegetation and by simple soil systems filtration. Rain gardens also help control mosquitoes because they are designed to drain in less than 24 hours. Norlite used in rain gardens provides the same filtering function as in filter strips. It is an excellent medium for amending heavy clay or compacted soils to promotes plant root growth, improve drainage and retaining moisture during dry periods. In this application a good geo-fabric must separate the root zone from the filter zone to maintain a long performance life.

rain gardens
1. Norlite Filter Medium
2.  Geo-fabric Between Root Zone & Norlite
3.  8”- 12” Root Zone (in uniform mixture
of Norlite Compost and Soil)
Cross Section of Rain Garden

Rain Basins are an integral part of storm water management design that is gaining in popularity. Runoff water is collected and filtered before discharge. Increased infiltration into the ground reduces or eliminates storm water runoff into the municipal system. Norlite in rain basins enhances bioremediation of collected runoff and promotes increased infiltration of water into the subsoil. It can also help to stabilize basin banks and channels.

rain basins
Collection Pipe at Bottom of Norlite ESCS
and above Geo-fabric
Cross Section of Rain basin with Norlite